ONE OF THE BEST PRO-LIFE SPEAKERS IN THE WORLD TODAY. Patricia Sandoval shakes the crowd.


Patricia Sandoval, subject of the highly acclaimed book, TRANSFIGURED: Patricia Sandoval’s Escape from Drugs, Homelessness, and the Back Doors of Planned Parenthood, shakes the crowd with her mesmerizing story of how she had three abortions, worked at Planned Parenthood, and ended up a homeless, drug addict until a miracle occurred. Fr. Donald Calloway said of this book, also endorsed by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, “Are you ready to read one of the most powerful conversion stories every written? I couldn’t put this book down! ..Raw, real, and riveting . . . This story is made for the big screen. It’s that incredible.” Click here to order the book on Amazon: To read more about Patricia Sandoval or the book, Transfigured, go to…. The half-hour broadcast television version of Patricia Sandoval’s life, AS SHOWN ON EWTN, is now available on DVD:……. Ms. Sandoval is one of the best international, chastity and pro-life speakers in the world, addressing audiences of thousands and government officials around the world. Pro-life movements and organizations have been formed across the world due to the fire her testimony ignites within hearers. Youth are choosing chastity as a lifestyle and people who were once contrary, disinterested, or lukewarm in their Catholic faith and pro-life issues are returning to the Church and fighting for chastity and the right to life.

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